Comic Book Project

Arts Recipients - 2006

The Comic Book Project seeks to help young people “forge an alternative pathway to literacy and creativity by engaging them in the process of outlining, sketching, writing and designing original comic books on designated themes.” It integrates art, writing, social awareness and teamwork. Participants are primarily low-income children, 8 to 16 years old. The project puts them in the creator roles rather than merely receivers of information. They write and draw about their personal experiences and are thus engaged in the learning process. Doing so helps them conceptualize the final product and allows visual learners, struggling writers, and English language learners to rely on the pictorial aspect of comic books and to make a connection between what they write and what they draw. 

Completed comic books get published and distributed to schools, after-school
programs and community programs. Celebrations are held locally and citywide where students, parents and teachers attend.

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