Global Action Project (GAP)

Arts Recipients - 2006

Global Action Project provides youth with the knowledge, tools, and relationships needed to create powerful, thought-provoking media on issues that concern them, and to use media as a catalyst for dialogue and social change. GAP is a community-based organization that provides video production training to youth at its loft space in midtown Manhattan and through collaborations with schools and community groups.

GAP has been a leader in media education offering training to young New Yorkers across the city. Participants have produced hundreds of videos and other multi-media works, garnered critical acclaim, won local and international awards, and raised public awareness about issues often ignored by mainstream media. Youth learn team work and collaboratively produce documentaries or experimental and fictional narratives on their chosen topic. Facilitated by experienced media makers, GAP’s distinctive after-school programs provide youth with the means of creative expression to foster leadership and critical exploration.

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