Diversity in Arts and Nations for Cultural Education

Arts Recipients - 2009

Diversity in Arts and Nations for Cultural Education (DANCE, Inc.) has gained a reputation for its stunning performances and educational programming. It is dedicated to presenting and preserving the rich folkloric art, traditions and history of Puerto Rico and Latin America through its unique artistic vision using live music, dance and theater.

DANCE’s Arts in Education program includes a Saturday dance program for elementary-school children in the Bronx, and bilingual Spanish/English workshops and presentations at community venues. Events showcase Puerto Rico’s rich cultural heritage and history through the Island’s Bomba, Plena and Seis dances and music. Danza Fiesta: Baile y Teatro Puertorriqueño is DANCE's performance group, a collective of artists featuring dancers, musicians and other creative contributors with wide experience in Caribbean and Latin American culture. The repertoire consists of traditional folk dances from the Island's different regions, popular dances, fantasy pieces as well as Latin American folk dances.

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