About the Union Square Awards

The Union Square Awards believes that grassroots activism strengthens local communities. Launched in 1998, the Awards began to identify activists, community organizers, advocates and service providers across New York City neighborhoods who were building organizations addressing homelessness and hunger; HIV/AIDS prevention, education and treatment; youth leadership and organizing; family and community development; and conflict resolution, among other concerns.

In 2006, the Union Square Award initiated another Award program to recognize the exceptional and leadership role of arts organizations working with youth and families in low-income communities. Arts Award recipients also work across the five boroughs and reflect the City’s rich artistic diversity.

More $18.5 million has been distributed to 238 organizations. In addition, regrants and technical assistance programs build recipients' organizational infrastructure toward long-term sustainability.

View grantmaking by year or the Union Square Awards brochure for more information about grant recipients and programs.

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